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Which location you choose for your murder mystery dinner is entirely up to you. You may base your choice on convenient driving distance or perhaps on which show is currently playing. The number one thing to do is make reservations early! The sooner, the better. The contact numbers are as follows:

Here are some other tips:

  1. It’s OKAY to dress up. Sure, your neighbors may give you funny looks as you leave your house in costume, but you’ll feel completely at home among us. You’ll probably end up becoming part of the show in one way or another.Some of our more dedicated sleuths like to bring a pad of paper and a pencil to take notes with. That’s fine. Just keep in mind, sometimes the characters tend to stretch the truth a little…especially when they’re guilty! You can still have birthdays or special events at the public performances. We’ll all sing Happy Birthday to the birthday boy/girl after the show. Be sure to tell one of the characters about it. Maybe they’ll have something special inserted into the show. Celebrating an anniversary? We’ve got a song for that too. Celebrating a divorce? Uh, well, we don’t have a song for that, but come anyway. It’s always good to see justice served to a bad, bad man or woman.
  2. Remember to HAVE FUN! We want this to be an enjoyable and memorable event for you and the entire family. And the best part is that no usher is guarding the theatre entrance telling you that food isn’t allowed. Here, food is half the show!

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