A Pirate’s Revenge!

Welcome aboard the historic pirate ship “Rollin’ Groan”! You’ve been invited to attend the 300th anniversary party and inaugural voyage of this historic ship, because your ancestors were part of the original crew.

Your ship’s Captain, Mac Arune, will set sail with his first mate, Nina Fiver. Your activities Director, John Disse, will make sure your trip is full of adventure! Rose Tattoo, the ship’s nurse, will make sure your adventures are not too painful. Also, the famous pirate playwright from Hollywood, Mr. Buck O’ Neer, may be scouting for more than talent, again. And don’t be surprised if you get your picture taken by Miss Polly Astor.

Will the mysterious deaths of the crew 300 years ago haunt the Rollin’ Groan?

Will Polly take more than just pictures? Does Buck have plans for Rose … or even you? Will John tell Rose how he really feels? Is Captain Mac really Nina’s boss…or is he something more…criminal? Or, does someone break the Pirate’s Code and fall under “The Curse of the Rollin’ Groan”? Passengers are advised to take note of any unusual happenings aboard ship, and feel free to question any suspicious mates.

Beware, mateys, beware!!!

Author: Katie Hasset
Revised by: Greg Davis and John Gibson
©2007 All rights reserved. This play is fully protected under all domestic and international copyright laws.