Murder at the KO Corral

The Wild West Was Weird

A gold map! A runaway bride!
An outlaw seen getting off the train!

Oh, and one murder so far.

(It’s been a slow week in KO)

Sheriff Clint Wayne: Tough, by the book sheriff, with a weak spot for the ladies. Thinking about retiring and running his farm.
Outlaw Black Eyed Pete: In town to investigate the death of his brother, Wild Eyed Pete.
Colonel Saunters: Former Civil War colonel. Known for bravery in the face of retreats. Essentially, a big coward. Just recently arrived. Some say he has a gold map.
Mustang Sally: Tough as nails, sweet as sugar. She hates wearing dresses, and is known for doing what she’s told.
Can Can Kelly: Used to be quite a well-known can-can dancer out in Texas. Now runs Kelly’s Saloon and Dining Hall.
Shirley Gottsacoldfeet: A runaway bride. Fast and wild mood swings. Said to be armed and perhaps a little crazy.

Written by James Koponen