Murder in Morocco

Welcome to “Casablanca,” French Morocco, 1941.

The German army is advancing and they have already occupied France. This is your last stop on the refugee trail to Lisbon, Portugal and then to America.

Everyone comes to Dick’s Café Latte in Casablanca. Here you will find DICK TATER, the owner of Dick’s Café Latte. But beware of some the more unscrupulous characters such as NOAH BRAYNES, a local thief and black market merchant peddling stolen visas, along with a two-faced PRINCESS KRUSE, who may be a “royal” pain. If you need help getting your signed exit visa, INSPECTOR SEYMOUR B’HINES, your local corrupt Gendarme, will be here to assist you…for a price. And don’t forget about NEFAR ROUES, the local owner of the “Pink Parrot,” a not so kind competitor of Dick’s Café Latte.

Will Noah peddle the stolen visas before Inspector B’Hines catches him…or will the Inspector keep the visas for himself? Will Nefar find the visas first and put Dick out of business and Princess out of his misery? Will Princess wind her way around Dick’s heart, Nefar’s heart, Noah’s heart and double cross them all.

Playwright: Greg Davis

(This play is fully protected under all domestic and international copyright laws.)