Other Favorites

Here our some of our other audience favorites:

Are you ready for some football?!? It’s a pre-game “get-together.” No matter which team you’re rooting for, we want everyone to have fun and “cheer, cheer, cheer!”

The cast members of a scheduled murder-mystery play have not shown up, because their van broke down several miles away. Have no fear! In attendance is world famous astrologer, Madame Zodiak, who has gracefully consented to entertain the audience until the players arrive.

Welcome to the second in the series of Town Hall debates where mudslinging is only the beginning. Present your debate questions to the candidates immediately–and cringe at what they have to say!

Welcome to Star Vessel 279, a government Space Fleet Command touring ship. Enjoy a quick 3-hour tour around the Sun Solar System with quick stops to Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and (if there’s time) Venus! But first…meet the crew!

Welcome aboard the S.S. Amore (a not-so luxurious Italian cruise ship.) It’s the last evening before docking, which is traditionally “Talent Night” aboard ship. So prepare some talent for the crew and guests to watch.

There’s nothing in the world like family! You have been invited by Mr. Ablie Kleare for a quiet dinner with family and friends. Just an average family…on an average night.

Welcome to a conference of archaeologists, celebrating a recent archeological discovery on Alcatraz Island. Everyone is excited to herald the release of what is generally believed will be another of Mort Abord’s best archeological marvels. Or will it become a ghostly curse?

We’re pleased to present Sam Shovel–that world famous San Francisco detective. He has been invited to share with us his recollections of a case he solved in the mid 1930’s, which he called “The Case of the Maltese Crow Caper.”

Can I get three cheers for the “happy” couple? You are cordially invited to celebrate the marriage of Ambrose Herringbone and Miss Faith Fulle–a marriage made in He…well, you figure that out.

The State of California Horse Racing Association has requested your attendance, since each of you is, in some way, involved with horse racing. Owners of local racetracks have demanded a Grand Jury investigation of corruption and race fixing.

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