Curse of Alcatraz

It is now 1928.

Welcome to a conference of archaeologists, celebrating a recent archeological discovery on Alcatraz Island. Your host for the evening will be Mr. HY GETTITT, who represents and “discovered” that world renowned author, MORT ABORD.  Of course, you are all familiar with his most recent publication, “Digger on the Rock.”  His soon to be published work, “Home on the Rock,” is the exciting story of the discovery of an ancient site on Alcatraz Island.

Also in attendance is the noted photographer, Mr. JUSTIN “HAPPY” THYME; Happy’s devoted and protective wife, ANNIE THYME; plus, Mr. REGINALD “REGGIE” STERR, inherited owner of Sterr ‘n Shake Publishing House; and Hy’s dingbat wife, CARMEN GETTITT. She loves expensive things…and attractive men. Everyone is excited to herald the release of what is generally believed will be another of Mort Abord’s best archeological marvels. Or will it become a ghostly curse? Other famous archeologists in attendance: Xavier Greenstamps & Sheldon Wright (he uncovered Venus De Milo),  Erle Stanley Gardner, Dashiell Hammett, and Indiana Jones may make an appearance as well.

Based upon “The Curse of Lady Puabi” by Katie Hassett.

This play is fully protected under all domestic and international copyright laws.


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