Murder in Space!

Welcome to Star Vessel 279!
(A government Space Fleet Command touring ship)

Enjoy a quick 3-hour tour around the Sun Solar System with quick stops to Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and (if there’s time) Venus! But first…meet the crew!

Captain – a mysterious man—the mystery being how he ever got promoted to Captain. He’s an alcoholic at best and a misfit at worst. Abusive of power…but in a friendly way.

Security Officer –feels a loss of job security and vulnerability after guns were outlawed and rendered obsolete by technological advances. Close to being promoted to Captain himself, he despises any trouble.

Doctor – loves his work but feels somewhat missed by the media sensation which spends every second of time covering comet impacts, asteroid collisions, and the latest Planet Starbucks openings. He is certain his luck is going to change having spent the last 12 years dabbling in DNA cloning and regeneration.

Surprise Guest – everyone loves a big surprise, except brides on their wedding days. Be prepared to meet a very famous man from the past.

Public Relations Officer – she’s cute. She’s naïve. She’s fresh out of Galactic Marketing College. Needless to say, the crew wasted no time in hiring her aboard the vessel, or even looking over her application. Her biggest fault is having a crush on her CO.

Ambassador – ah, the woman everyone loves to…actually, love should never be used in the same sentence with her. She’s tough and gritty. If her report gets back to Space Command, the future of the Captain’s job—and the whole Star Vessel—is history.

©2005 James Koponen and GibsonHouse Mystery Performers (Script version 2.0)
Playwright: James Leonard Koponen (This play is fully protected under all domestic and international copyright laws).