Par 4 for Murder!

Play a harmless round of golf?

During the annual membership dinner, it has been announced that the Doodelly Downs Country Club has a new golf pro…JUAN ARNOLD TOM BEN HARVEY RICARDO JACK TIGER TYME!

The new “pro” quickly announces that tomorrow’s tournament winner will become, for one year, a full voting member of the club’s board of directors. This pleases none other than GEORGE PAPPINOPPOLAPOLA, who wants desperately to own & operate his own country club one day. The sweet MARIAN HASTE and the domineering DIMANDA TENSHUNN are also in attendance. PRINCESS DORADO VON RICHLIEU shows up unannounced, and all mayhem breaks loose. BILL O’FAIRE, that famous writer of trashy pop-detective novels, is tonight’s guest speaker.

Par 4 For Murder, based upon The Golf Gun by Mark Binder (Revisions by Katie Hassett).