The Maltese Crow Murder

We’re pleased to present SAM SHOVEL – that world famous San Francisco detective.

He has been invited to share with us his recollections of a case he solved in the mid-1930s; which he called “The Case of the Maltese Crow Caper.” Mr. Shovel has invited five of his friends to assist him in recreating his most legendary story.

IZZIE Ringing – his trusty right hand man, er woman…played by Faye Schliftt
JEWEL Restorre — Italian to the bone. She knows what she wants…played by Lotta Change
KESH Ascashcan – sneaky and conniving, and who knows what else…played by Zavier Greenschtamps
BILLY Clubb – not terribly bright, but always loyal…played by Phillip Buster
TEDDY Bayer – doesn’t trust a soul, perhaps not even himself…played by Justin Tyme.
SAM Shovel – America’s favorite private eye…playing himself.

Sit back, relax and watch the mystery unravel. It all begins in a nice quiet office. Yeah, it ain’t much, but it’s something see? Business was slow and dreary. That is until she walked in…

The Maltese Crow Murder authored by Katie Hassett.
(Minor revisions by John Gibson)