Win, Place, or Murder!

It’s a deadly first step to the Triple Crown!

The State of California Horse Racing Association has requested your attendance, since each of you is, in some way, involved with horse racing.  Owners of local racetracks have demanded a Grand Jury investigation of corruption and race fixing.

This official hearing has been called in an attempt to answer questions regarding the circumstances surrounding the death of Mr. Dunne Diehl, the owner of Dandy Dancer…yesterday’s winner of the million dollar Prune Valley Stakes Race at Bay Fields.  Many believed this was the first step to the Triple Crown. Mr. Diehl was killed this morning in an auto accident on Canyon Road.  The car and passenger, Dunne Diehl, were burned beyond recognition.

The police suspect foul play, because there were no skid marks on the pavement.  Preliminary examination shows that there is a strong possibility that the brake lines had been severed, before the car went off the road.  Mr. Eliot Elliot, known to many as “Jinx,” will head the investigation.  Though he is no longer an officer of the law, he has been granted official status by the Commissioner for the duration of this hearing.  Lt. Art Fulley, of the local County Sheriff’s office, will be assisting in the investigation.

Your full cooperation is sincerely, and urgently, requested.  Some of the people to be called upon to testify will be: Mrs. Wanda Diehl, widow of Mr. Diehl; Louis Cannon, local racing enthusiast who has been accused of shady gambling deals; Winnie Dopane, horse trainer for Diehl’s stable; & Jimmy Two-Times, friendly race track aficionado (“Jinx” is his hero).

(1940’s attire welcome!)

Author: Katie Hassett (Adapted from “The Good, the Dead, and the Ugly” by David Czarnecki). John Gibson has made minor script changes, with permission from author.

(This play is fully protected under all domestic and international copyright laws.)

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