A Very Victorian Murder  


Dearest Friends and Distant Family Members,

We most graciously thank you for attending the reading of the will for the late Earl of Grey. We here at Uptown Abbey know it was of great hardship for many of you to traverse the troubling roads out of London and brave the storm to arrive at this destination.

As well, we condone your bravery and laud you for being daring enough to leave the safety of your own home on a cold, dark night—especially with the recent dreadful atrocities of the frightful murderer, Jack the Ripper.

For now, please put all concerns aside, and pay close attention to what is contained in the Earl’s will. Perhaps he has left some small fortune to you!

Your hosts this evening:

Lady Chastity – Widowed, but not left alone as her two daughters have finally returned home after so many years to comfort her. The Lady is grateful to receive such support of friends and knows they are not money-hungry leeches, who have only come seeking money.

Lady Katherine – The eldest daughter, who claims to have loved her father beyond what words can express.

Lady Charity – The younger daughter, always so full of warm and affection. She had now dedicated her life to helping others in need from the despairing lands of Africa, India, and even Ireland.

The Butler – Clive has served the Grey family for … well, it’s been so long that only the Earl probably knows when, and he’s no longer with us. But Clive has always stood his post and served his tea faithfully. At least we think. Honestly, no one here pays all that much attention to him. He’s a butler, after all.

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