Murder by Election
am not a crook!

Welcome to the second in the series of Town Hall debates where mudslinging is only the beginning. Present your debate questions to the candidates immediately... before it's too late.

Be sure to vote early...and often.

Murder by Election
Download a video clip of the characters.
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  • Newt Trawl - Debate moderator and former host of his own television show.
  • Bella Cose - Newt's ex and quickly becoming a powerful woman. She's not too fond of interns. Be sure to avoid that subject.
  • Phil O' Sophic - Campaigns with smart thinking and careful alliances.
  • Ari Gant - Never met an intern he didn't like. Campaigns by carefully dodging the issues.
  • Eli Gant - Ari's wife. However, she's making a name for herself in this misogynistic little debate.

Murder by Election authored by Greg Davis.

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Dinner Show Cast - Murder by Election
April 2004 Election Cast:
Ron Sacchi, Carolyn Sweeney, James Koponen,
Michelle Cannon, Greg Davis (script author)

Mystery Theatre Actors
Newt attempts to get some solid answers from Phil. Eli offers unfatiguing support.
Ari and Eli Have Words
Ari does his best to explain to Eli exactly why that intern was in his hotel room.
Murder Mystery Dinner Man
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