Murder Among the Stars
deadly cooking competition!

We are proud to host one, in a series, of International Cooking Competitions of renowned Master Chefs.
Chefs are known to occasionally break out in song…hopefully, these chefs will do likewise!

Judges for this competition:

Master Chef Michel Rhodebateau, Instructeur, Ecole Culinaire Cordon Bleu, Paris, France.
Master Chef Daniel DeZaster, Instructor, Condon Bleu Culinary College, London, England.
Executive Chef Neil Marquis, for the Pleasanton Hotel Restaurant, Pleasanton, California, U.S.A.

Competing in this event:

ALFREDO FETTUCINI, Master Chef at the Ritz Hotel, Paris.
BARRIE BEHINTZ, Executive Chef, Hotel Imperial Wien, Vienna.
MORGAN DAVIDE, Executive Chef, Waldorf Towers, New York City.
PAT MEELATER, Head Chef at the Lansborough, London.
TERRI YAKI, Executive Chef at the Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong.
GibsonHouse Mystery Performers

Author: Katie Hassett
John Gibson has made minor script changes, with permission from author.
(This play is fully protected under all domestic and international copyright laws.)

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