Murder in the Old Wild West
ragedy strikes twice!

The body of Jim Nassiom, foreman of the Triple X Double Y Ranch…just outside Dodge City… was found in the horses' water trough on the ranch. Jim had been the right hand man of Adam Zapple, who expired from an apparent stroke yesterday. My goodness…who will be next? Once a month, Adam has hosted a big dinner at the ranch for the residents of Dodge City.

MISS MAUDE, Adam's niece, and MRS. WONT, Adam's housekeeper, decide to go ahead and have the dinner tonight…since it might be difficult to notify people. MISS KITTEN reluctantly agreed to help with serving the vittles and helping in the kitchen. MARSHALL MATT DILLING and OLD DOC TORATE have arrived at the ranch, just as dinner is about to be served. Doc seems to think that accidental drowning in the horses' water trough did not cause Jim's death. DEET TAILLE and CURT TAILLE, Adam's nephews by marriage, seem to be overly upset about Adam Zapple not leaving a will. Did old man Zapple really die from a stroke? Stop by the ranch and see for yourselves.

Doc and Matt Dilling Chat
Murder in the Wild West authored by Katie Hassett.
(Minor revisions by John Gibson)

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Dinner Theatre Photo
(left to right) Old Doc (John Gibson), Mrs. Wont (TS Owen), Deet Taille (Paul Plain ), Miss Kitten (Serena Gibson Torres), Miss Maude (Sandra Jardin), Marshall Matt Dilling (Greg Davis), Curt Taille (Levi Damione)


Murder Mystery Dinner Man
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