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Our productions cover a variety of themes. The monthly productions have been pre-selected, but any production may be chosen for private parties or corporate events. Here are some of our more popular productions which may be seen throughout the year:

A Very Victorian Murder -- It's 1888 and the Earl of Grey's will is about to be read. Do be wary of Jack the Ripper as well.

Murder By Merlot - A wine tasteless event gone awry. Perhaps it just wasn't a very good year.

Football is Murder! - Wear your favorite team colors to our football rally...but, be careful who you root for.

Funeral for a Gangster - It's the memorial service for Vito "The Gut" Marzetti. All eulogies welcome.

Weddings are Murder - RSVP for a deadly wedding reception. Gifts optional.

Par 4 for Murder - Join the membership dinner at the Doodelly Downs Country Club, where cheating on your scorecard brings murder & mayhem on the 18th hole.

The Maltese Crow Murder! - Detective Sam Shovel has been invited to share his recollections of a case he solved during the prohibition era: The Maltese Crow Murder.

Murder in the Old Wild West - Dodge City and Boot Hill will never be the same. Miss Kitten & Marshall Dilling reunite.

Murder Among The Stars - Let's hope the planets are better aligned than these crazy characters.

Murder on the Sea of Love - It's Talent Night aboard the S.S. Amore'...a not-so glamorous Italian cruise ship.

Murder by Election - Welcome to the second in the series of Town Hall debates where mudslinging is only the beginning.

Shadow of a MURDER! - Welcome to "Your Small Town," USA. There’s nothing like a deadly family gathering.

Murder in Morocco! - Welcome to "Casablanca," French Morocco, 1941.

Murder in Space! - A deadly tour around the Sun Solar System.

Murder by Bingo! - It's a deadly BINGO night!

A Pirate's Revenge! - Arr! It's the dreaded Curse of the Rollin' Groan!

Recipe for Murder! - a deadly cooking competition!

Murder at the KO Corral - Only one murder...it's been a slow week!

The Ghostly Curse of Alcatraz! - Someone or something never left the island.

Win, Place, or Murder! - A deadly first step to the Triple Crown!

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