About Us

Gold Country Casino
The grand dining hall in Oroville’s Gold Country Casino.

Witness a murder by GibsonHouse Mystery Performers, the most popular mystery dinner theatre troupe in the San Francisco, North Bay, South Bay, and East Bay Area. You will laugh, witness a crime, and help solve the mystery… while enjoying a gourmet dinner. The fun begins the moment you step into the dining area. You become part of the scene, as colorful GibsonHouse characters surround your every move.

You are encouraged to play along, as the professional actors are well skilled in using your clue-hunting questions as springboards to present the mystery plot. Be prepared, as a three-course dinner is served between scenes of the mystery, giving you ample opportunity to ask questions and try to solve the crime. Whether you’re looking for the perfect murder to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary, a group or corporate event “to die for,” or you just want to give the gift of murder, look no further… We’re committed to serving up a memorable Murder!

While mingling with guests, characters (actors) engage in heated discussions, attracting attention. During the meal, clues are overheard and observed. Plus, written clues are distributed. Though all mystery plays are fully scripted, ad lib interaction between actors and audience is inevitable… and then a “murder” (maybe two murders!) takes place. The actual foul deed occurs out of sight, but the victim(s) succumbs in full view. By the end of the entrée, the characters accuse each other and guests! One of the characters claims to have solved the mystery, then challenges the guests to do the same.

Each table constitutes a team, and receives a Solution Sheet for completion within a certain time frame. The sheets are collected and scored… and the crime solver unmasks the culprit during the final scene… causing each team to be either despondent or exhilarated! Finally, prizes are given to the winning sleuths. We reward for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

In the end, we promise you that GibsonHouse is committed to serving up a memorable Murder!

Some of those with sharper memories will know that GibsonHouse first began in 1995 in Santa Rosa. We’ve been around quite a while now!