Murder in Vegas

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Vegas!

1962 promises to be a stand-out year! 

You’ve heard his songs. You’ve seen his movies. You’ve watched his hips!

Now get ready to see him live in Vegas Pelvis Presley continues his world tour with a show to die for. Being a last-minute booking, the casino had to cancel Diva LasVegas, who appears none too happy about this slight little change of plans. Surely, she bears no ill will towards Pelvis. If so, she should take it up with Pelvis’ manager/chauffeur/agent Manny Hatts

One wonders if Emma Peal, the president of the Pelvis Fan Club, will show up. She has those young ladies practically rioting over Pelvis’ record hits. And word has it that the multi-millionaire Billie Stark has just landed in Vegas. What on earth is he doing here?

There is one other person we’d love to see: Frank Sonata! If it’s a big Vegas event, there’s no doubt he will be stopping by. 

It’ll be a night to remember! We can forget about all the international turmoil and all the fear this Cold War has brought about.