Murder by Merlot!

Perhaps it wasn’t a good year after all.

Nevertheless, welcome to the Frudee Family Winery’s annual Wine Tasting Event. The Frudee Brothers, Doodie & Rudy, are anxious to introduce the idea of being able to chemically engineer wine. They believe this is going to save the winery! Unfortunately, before their big announcement, someone sips their last glass of wine. Also in attendance are Dr. Judy Frudee, a second cousin, and inventor of the new winemaking process; Trudy Frudee, Doodie’s scatterbrained wife; Prudy Frudee, Rudy’s wife and Winemaker of the Frudee Family Winery; and Dr. William Beabore, a likable wine critic.

Guests are able to actually purchase and taste the extravagant and inspiring wine of the Frudee Family Winery. Servants will be standing by with corkscrews.

Murder by Merlot (Original Title: Good Grape Hunting) authored by Paula Hilton.