Red Leg the Dreaded

Red Leg the Dreaded, Pirate of the Gulf!

Written by James Leonard Koponen (Based on a story by Paula Hilton)

ARRR…you listening?

Good! Houston Mayor May Knotte is happy to welcome you to the October City Council Meeting, where she has a special surprise in store: a visit from Red Leg the Dreaded, Pirate of the Gulf. Red will be impersonating Jean Lafitte, the infamous Pirate of Galveston, who may have helped rescue Napoleon from exile—or at least a pirate claiming to represent him. Certainly, we will dutifully handle our regular meeting minutes, but our own city mayor May Knotte end up “kidnapped” for a pirate’s ransom at any moment.

Land lubbers, take heart: Red and the Mayor both agreed that one can’t have too much pirate humor. That’s why they are inviting guests to recite a funny pirate joke (under 30 seconds). The winner will get a prize fit for a pirate. As well, an award for best costume will certainly be on the agenda.

So avast me mateys! Drink your grog and sit back and enjoy a party fit for a pirate!

On Deck Tonight:


Red has been in the pirate business an awful long time. Some say his heart just isn’t in it these days. His last captured ship…a garbage barge?!? Who knows how much bootie Red truly owns. Has he riches in buried treasure, or a few bottles and cans to sell for rent money? Only Polly knows for sure.


A fierce and loyal companion, Polly has sailed under Red for years. An ivy-league dropout, she disappointed her parents to a great extent when she left Princeton, and took to the high seas. These days, due to the fact that Red is more focused on his faltering 401K plan, Polly seems to be the one steering the ship.


May is highly pleased to have won last year’s mayoral election, defeating the incumbent, Paul Tishen. However, being a woman not to hold grudges despite Paul’s election mudslinging, she graciously offered him the position of Vice-Mayor. Due to Paul’s vast experience at being mayor, May frequently turns to him for policy guidance, though often with rather poor results.


Despite having over 10 years experience being the mayor of Houston, Paul was decidedly defeated by May in the last election. He bears no hard will and accepted the job of Vice-Mayor with a smile and a wink. He only wants what is best for Houston, though with the city’s booming economy in past years, he was somewhat taken aback that the city chose May over him.


Saul is new to the area and has been welcomed to the Chamber of Commerce as a new business owner: selling tours out to Galveston Island. Business has been poor since most folks are aware that they can simply drive or bus out to the island. Oddly, Saul does seem vaguely familiar to several of the others.


Who is she? Why is she here? She does ask a LOT of questions, doesn’t she? She also seems to know one or more of the characters here.