Football Is Murder!

Give me an M! Give me a U! Give me an R! (Okay, you probably see where this is going now.)

It’s a pre-game “get-together,” organized by HYRAM LOFTT and his tolerant wife, RENTA LOFTT, who hates gambling of any kind. No matter which team you’re rooting for, we want everyone to have fun and “cheer, cheer, cheer!” In fact, Hyram, who owns “Lofty Printing Company” has brought in a professional cheerleader, SUE VENEER, who will keep things hopping! Others on the rally committee: WARREN PEESE, a pseudo intellectual, constantly quoting famous people, PATTI GREE, a graduate of an Ivy League School, who seems bitter over her recent breakup with YVES DE PAINE, a professional bookie for the syndicate and a true Frenchman through and through.¬†Unfortunately, the rally is briefly interrupted by a cheerless murder!

Football is Murder is a Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre script authored by Katie Hassett. (Minor revisions by John Gibson)

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