Shadow of a Murder!

Welcome to “Your Small Town,” USA, 1941.

…there’s nothing like a deadly family gathering.

You have been invited by Mr. ALBIE KLEARE for a quiet dinner with family and friends. Just an average family…on an average night. However, young CRYSTAL KLEARE doesn’t like being so “average.” So, Crystal telegrams her namesake, Uncle CHRIS SOLIS, to shake things up! But, Uncle Chris is already on his way here to see Crystal and his sister, VERRIE KLEARE…but, for darker reasons. Why the sudden visit? Enters JACK GRISSOM, a stranger who asks too many questions.

Will tonight remain average? Does Uncle Chris bring solace, or emerge to shake things up…or permanently shut things up? Is he running from something, or is he followed by a dark, doubtful shadow…a SHADOW OF A MURDER?

(Shadow of a Murder is a spoof of the 1943 thriller “Shadow of a Doubt,” directed by Alfred Hitchcock.)

An audience-participation Murder-Mystery Play by GibsonHouse Mystery Performers

Playwright: Greg Davis

(This play is fully protected under all domestic and international copyright laws.)